People tracking device

Role: Product developer, Freelancer. 

I made this product for a Netherland based company Veamex. The task was to make a cost-efficient device that can count the number of people entering or leaving a particular store. The main customers of this product were showroom owners who wanted to know the count of the number of customers entering their store each day so that they can get a better understanding of their sales.

The main challenge of this device was to make it cost-efficient and accurate. I used Raspberry Pi 3 and a pi camera for this purpose. Since very heavy machine learning models don't work efficiently on RPi, I used YOLO(You only look once) method to track and count the number of people. YOLO produced the best results for me with a frame rate of 5-7 fps which was not great but acceptable.

This product can be installed at the entrance of the store and it uses power and wifi to update the count online which the store manager can access to see the daily or hourly information of the number of people entering the store.

Sudhir Jain