FridgEye: What’s inside your Fridge

Role: CTO

I worked on FridgEye while attending MIT Deep Technology Bootcamp at Cambridge USA. In March 2019 I got selected for MIT Bootcamp and was among 70 candidates from 40 countries. During the Bootcamp, we had to make a product and pitch it in front of investors.

One of our teammates had this problem that whenever he came home he forgets to buy the grocery as he doesn't know what was inside his fridge and also wanted to know what he can cook from whatever inside his fridge without even opening it. So we come up with this solution which can detect the food items inside the fridge and its quantity, which then gets uploaded to our server from where the user can access the data. Our system also generated the food recipes from the items inside the fridge. It was a device containing a camera and a single board computer to capture and process the image connected with the internet to upload the data on the cloud.

I took care of the technical part of the device, which involved computer vision, machine learning and embedded system for making the device. My part was to capture the image, identify the food items and their quantity and send the data to the cloud which was then accessed by the web team to display the information on a website.

FridgEye Team
FridgEye Team
Sudhir Jain